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Virginie Chretien - Instagram - Virginie Chretien - Facebook - Virginie Chretien - Orionetcoco - Beach Clothing - Virginie Chretien is a talented fashion designer who has a lot of fun pictures of her travels on her social media accounts. She has a Festival wear and Beach Clothing line company called Orion et coco. She has picked out the material and designed all of the clothes by herself. The clothing line is very stylish and unique with trendy coverups, capes, festival wear and beach wear for both Men and Women.

Sophia Roe - Instagram - Sophia Roe - Website - Sophia Roe is a stylish fashion blogger. She has done advertising campaigns for Fendi and Marc Jacobs. She has lots of pictures of her wearing stylish clothes on Instagram. She also has some interesting furniture and room pictures on her instagram account. She is based out of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Evangelie Smyrniotaki - Instagram - Evangelie Smyrniotaki - Twitter - Evangelie Smyrniotaki - Website - Evangelie Smyrniotaki is a stylish fashion influencer. She has lots of pictures of her wearing beach wear, swimsuits as well as stylish dresses. She also has pictures of stylish nicely decorated rooms. She is a fashion blogger and is a regular at fashion week shows in Paris.

Caroline Juen - Instagram - Caroline Juen - Facebook - Caroline Juen - LinkedIn - Caroline Juen - Website Caroline Juen is a blogger, fashion stylist and influencer. She has a lot of pictures of herself in fun dresses and trendy active wear, kind of what you would expect from someone living in Los Angeles.

Julia Engel - Instagram - Julia Engel - Twitter - Julia Engel - Gal Meets Glam - Facebook - Julia Engel - Website - Gal Meets Glam Julia Engel is a popular fashion and beauty person with over 1.2 million followers on Instagram. She has designed her own line of dresses on her website under the brand Gal Meets Glam. She has lots of beauty and fashion tips on her website and tips on fashion and how to put outfits together. She is based out of Charleston, South Carolina.

Sara Oberton - Haute and Humid - Instagram - Sara Oberton - LinkedIn - Sara Oberton - Haute and Humid - Website Sara Oberton has an active Instagram account and a website called Haute and Humid. She is very stylish and has a variety of looks from casual to semi formal. She lives in Houston, Texas so I guess the website Haute and Humid that is a good play on words for a fashion blogger and the weather in Houston, Texas. Sara has a nice website where she models a wide range of clothes which can be clicked on to get the information of where to find the clothes. She also has the makeup that she uses and allows visitors to the website to click on them to find out where to get it.

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