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Benjamin Rich - Bald and Bankrupt - Facebook - Benjamin Rich - Bald and Bankrupt - Youtube - Benjamin Rich has a youtube channel called "Bald and Bankrupt". Benjamin is a British citizen who travels around and documents his travels with lots of fun videos. His youtube videos have gone viral and he has built up a large number of subscribers because of how much fun and interesting his videos are where he interacts with the people in the countries he has visited: Burma, India, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova. He speaks fluent Russian so he is able to have funny interactions with the locals. His channel is a highly recommended youtube channel.

Kiersten Rich - Instagram - Kiersten Rich - Twitter - Kiersten Rich - Facebook - Kiersten Rich - The Blonde Abroad - Website - Kiersten Rich is an American professional traveller who has an interesting travel blog and instagram account. She gives the perspective of a single female traveller.

Jess Dales - Instagram - Jess Dales - Facebook - Jess Dales - Website - Jess Dales is a professional travel blogger who writes a travel blog under the title Jess Wandering. She is a photographer and travel influencer.

Gigi Hopkins - Instagram - Gigi Hopkins - Its Beautiful Here - Website - Georgia "Gigi" Hopkins is an Australian who is a professional travel blogger who writes a travel blog under the title its beautiful here. She has many city guides on her website.

Lindy Kats - Instagram - Lindy Kats - Youtube - Lindy Kats flys commercial passenger airplanes. Lots of good videos on her youtube channel of her travels as well as interesting things about airplanes and being a pilot.

Eser Aksan Erdogan - Instagram - Eser Aksan Erdogan flies a Boeing B737 commercial airplane.

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