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Drake - Instagram - Drake - Facebook - Drake - Twitter - Aubrey Drake Graham goes by the name Drake for his professional career. He is an actor, songwriter and singer. He is the greatest Rapper of this generation. He has won many Grammy awards for his music. His company is OVO (October's Very Own), sells his own clothing line.

Kendrick Lamar - Instagram - Kendrick Lamar - Twitter - Kendrick Lamar - facebook - is one of the most popular rappers out here. Has won the pulitzer prize for music and is known for his song writing.

Lil Wayne - Instagram - Lil Wayne - Twitter - Lil Wayne - Facebook - Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. goes by the name of Lil Wayne. He is a top rapper.

Nicki Minaj - Instagram - Nicki Minaj - Twitter - Nicki Minaj - Facebook - Onika Tanya Maraj goes by the name Nicki Minaj. Has a huge social media following.

Eminem - Instagram - Eminem - Twitter - Eminem - Facebook - Marshall Mathers goes by the name Eminem. He has been in the rap game for a long time.

J. Cole - J. Cole - Facebook - J Cole - Twitter - is an rapper from North Carolina.

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