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April Ferguson - Instagram - April Ferguson - Facebook - April Ferguson is an accomplished runner, swimmer, cyclist, triathlete, crossfitter, weight trainer and all around great athlete. April has run in the Boston marathon and has competed in many marathons and triathalons. April is also an accomplished cook and shows some of her dishes that she creates on instagram. April has a lot of interesting pictures, videos and stories of her running, weight training, crossfit training and her travels on her instagram feed.

Jordan Arcila (Edwards) - Instagram - Jordan Arcila (Edwards) - Tiktok - Jordan Arcila (Edwards) - Twitter - Jordan Arcila (Edwards) - Facebook - Jordan Arcila (Edwards) - Youtube - Jordan Arcila (Edwards) - Website - Jordan Arcila (Edwards) is a fitness model, trainer and fitness influencer who has a lot of pictures and videos of herself as she does exercises for various body parts. Jordan has alot of pictures and videos of herself in swimwear and workout wear. Jordan points out the body part that is being exercised so the viewer will know what bodypart is being worked on and then she proceeds to do the exercises so the viewer can see the proper way of doing the exercises. Another good thing that Jordan does is that she demonstrates the right way and wrong way of doing specific exercises. She offers workout plans and nutritional plans. She has a bachelor degree in Health Science from the University of South Florida so she has the educational background to assist clients with their health goals. Jordan has a fun personality and it shows on her social media. Jordan also has some fun videos on her instagram and Tiktok accounts and does not take things too seriously.

Chloe Ting - Instagram - Chloe Ting - Tiktok - Chloe Ting - Twitter - Chloe Ting - Facebook - Chloe Ting - Website - Chloe Ting - Youtube - Chloe Ting is a popular youtuber and top fitness influencer. Chloe is one of the most popular fitness influencers in the world with over 24.9 million subscribers on Youtube. Chloe has utilized youtube as her primary social media source to connect with her followers. She is best known for her abs videos with her most popular video on Youtube having more than 400+ million views. There are a lot of people who use her youtube videos for their abs exercise routines so that is a big vote of confidence for her Youtube channel.

Rachel Scheer - Instagram - Rachel Scheer - TikTok - Rachel Scheer - Twitter - Rachel Scheer - Facebook - Rachel Scheer - Youtube - Rachel Scheer - Nutrition Services, Workout Progams, Nutrition Blog - Website - Rachel Scheer is a fitness model, personal fitness trainer and fitness influencer. Rachel has a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics from Baylor University so her formal education is an aid in her nutrition based services. Her instagram is quite active and has lots of pictures and videos of her training, as well as many pictures of her in workout attire and swimwear. She has a fitness and nutrition consulting service open to clients. Rachel also has an interesting nutrition blog on her website. Her youtube channel has videos of how to do various exercises. Rachel is based in Dallas, Texas.

Cassandra Martin - Instagram - Cassandra Martin - Tiktok - Cassandra Martin - Twitter - Cassandra Martin - Facebook - Cassandra Martin - Youtube - Cassandra Martin is a fitness enthusiast influencer with a large social media following of over 2 million followers on Instagram. She uses heavy weights for her workouts and follows a fitness lifestyle year round. Cassandra has a lot of pictures of herself in workout attire on her instagram account. Cassandra has a lot of workout videos on her youtube channel and also some fun videos showing her personality for various road trips.

Adriana Kuhl - Instagram - Adriana Kuhl - Twitter - Adriana Kuhl - Facebook - Adriana Kuhl - Youtube - Adriana Kuhl - Website - Adriana Kuhl is a fitness model and bodybuilder. Adriana has a lot of muscle poses of herself on Instagram. Adriana also owns Raw Hair and Raw Athletics. Adriana sells fitness apparel and hair extensions on her website.

Tara Carlton - Instagram - Tara Carlton - Twitter - Tara Carlton - Facebook - Tara Carlton is a personal trainer. Tara has lots of pictures of herself and her training on her instagram.

Krissy Cela - Instagram - Krissy Cela - Twitter - Krissy Cela - Facebook - Krissy Cela - Youtube - Krissy Cela - Website - Krissy Cela is a personal trainer and fitness model. She has lots of pictures of herself, as well as some exercises to do to hit various body parts on her social media.

Hannah Samira Schmidt - Instagram - Hannah Samira Schmidt - Facebook - Hannah Samira Schmidt - Website - Hannah Samira Schmidt is a fashion and fitness model. Hannah has long hair and a big smile and is lean. Hannah does swimwear and sports modeling as well. Hannah posts in both German and English.

Rebecca Lynn Lockhart - Instagram - Rebecca Lynn Lockhart - Facebook - Rebecca Lynn Lockhart is a fitness trainer and runner. She offers online training on her instagram account.

Natasha Aughey - Instagram - Natasha Aughey - Twitter - Natasha Aughey - Facebook - Natasha Aughey - Youtube - Natasha Aughey is a fitness model and fitness influencer. Natasha is quite strong and does a lot of heavy weight lifting and training. Natasha lives the bodybuilding lifestyle throughout the year which is to eat healthy and weight train regularly. Natasha is good at interacting with her followers. Natasha has a lot of pictures of herself posing her physique.

Jesse Bowen - Instagram - Jesse Bowen - Facebook - Jesse Bowen - Militia Fitness - Website - Jesse Bowen is a fitness model and trainer. She is co-founder of Militia Fitness with her husband Jordan. There are locations in Florida and North Carolina.

Lilly Sabri - Instagram - Lilly Sabri - Twitter - Lilly Sabri - Facebook - Lilly Sabri - Youtube - Lilly Sabri - Website - Lilly Sabri is a fitness model and trainer. She offers online training and coaching on her website. Lilly is also a physiotherapist based in London, England.

Rachel Brathen - Instagram - Rachel Brathen - Twitter - Rachel Brathen - Facebook - Rachel Brathen - Youtube - Rachel Brathen - Website - Rachel Brathen is a yoga instructor, entrepreneur and fitness influencer based in Aruba. Rachel has a yoga studio and is a full time yoga instructor.

Kira Stokes - Instagram - Kira Stokes - Twitter - Kira Stokes - Facebook - Kira Stokes - Website - Kira Stokes is a personal trainer, fitness influencer and entrepreneur. Kira has workout products available on her website. Kira also offers online training on her website.

Krista Tagaras - Instagram - Krista Tagaras - Facebook - Krista Tagaras - Website - Krista Tagaras is a personal trainer, beauty and fitness influencer. Krista has a whole variety of pictures and information on her social media, ranging from pictures of herself in bikinis, workout wear, nutrition and beauty advice. Krista offers online personal training and nutritional and workout guides on her website.

Ainsley Rodriguez - Instagram - Ainsley Rodriguez - Twitter - Ainsley Rodriguez - Facebook - Ainsley Rodriguez - Youtube - Ainsley Rodriguez - Website - Ainsley Rodriguez is a trainer, fitness model, food blogger and fitness influencer. Ainsley puts some food recipes and videos in her instagram. She offers online training on her website. Ainsley has videos of herself doing exercises for different body parts on her social media and also has pictures of herself modeling swimwear.

Kelsey Wells - Instagram - Kelsey Wells - Twitter - Kelsey Wells - Facebook - Kelsey Wells - Youtube - Kelsey Wells - Website - Kelsey Wells is a fitness trainer and gym influencer. Kelsey has videos of herself doing weight training in the gym, so viewers can get an idea of what Kelsey does to workout various body parts. Kelsey offers online training programs on her website. Kelsey is pretty popular on social media with over 2.8 million followers on Instagram.

Kristina Moser-McGuinley - Instagram - Kristina Moser-McGuinley - Facebook - Kristina Moser-McGuinley is a personal trainer.

Denice Moberg - Instagram - Denice Moberg - Twitter - Denice Moberg - Facebook - Denice Moberg - Youtube - Denice Moberg - Website - Denice Moberg is a Swedish fitness trainer and gym influencer. Denice posts a lot of pictures of herself in workout attire and bikinis and also pictures of her children. Denice posts in English on her instagram and Swedish on her website.

Rebecca Ferrari - Instagram - Rebecca Ferrari - Twitter - Rebecca Ferrari - Facebook - Rebecca Ferrari is a WBFF fitness pro and gym influencer. Rebecca is a Brazilian fitness model who posts in Portugese on her social media. Rebecca has her own fitness training business.

Michele Maturo - Instagram - Michele Maturo - Twitter - Michele Maturo - Facebook - Michele Maturo - Website - Michele Maturo is a fitness model, trainer and fitness influencer. Michele offers online training and has a fitness app that her clients can use for exercise programs and nutritional guides.

Jenelle Salazar - Instagram - Jenelle Salazar - Twitter - Get Bodied by J - Website - Bodied Athletics - Website - Jenelle Salazar is a fitness trainer, fitness influencer and entrepreneur. Jenelle is CEO for clothing brand "Bodied Athletics". Jenelle offers online fitness training to clients.

Natalie Jill - Instagram - Natalie Jill - Twitter - Natalie Jill - Facebook - Natalie Jill - Google+ - Natalie Jill - Pinterest - Natalie Jill - Youtube - Natalie Jill - Website - Natalie Jill is a fitness trainer. She offers online training and nutritional advice on her website.

Aline Becker - Instagram - Aline Becker - Facebook - Aline Becker is a fitness model and fitness influencer. Aline posts in Portuguese. Aline has a lot of pictures of herself and her family on her social media accounts.

Abianna Roman - Instagram - Abianna Roman - Twitter - Abianna Roman - Linkedin - Abianna Roman - Facebook - Abi Roman is a personal trainer who competes in figure/physique contests and has active social media accounts.

Karolin Laudon - Instagram - Karolin Laudon - Facebook - Karolin Laudon is a fitness model based in Sweden. She has a lot of pictures of herself training and also a glimpse into her lifestyle.

Hope Beel - Instagram - Hope Beel - Twitter - Hope Beel - Facebook - Hope Beel - Youtube - Hope Beel - Website - Hope Beel is a fitness model and fitness trainer. Hope has a lot of pictures of herself modeling swimwear and active wear. Hope stays very lean and has a focus on modeling on her social media feeds.

Katelyn Runck - Instagram - Katelyn Runck - Twitter - Katelyn Runck - Facebook - Katelyn Runck - Website - Katelyn Runck is a WBFF Pro fitness model and fitness trainer. She offers online fitness training on her website.

Karly Renman - Instagram - Karly Renman - Facebook - Karly Renman - Youtube - Urban Athlete Calgary - Website - Karly Renman - Website - Karly Renman is a entrepreneur, blogger, CPA bikini competitor, pole competitor and personal trainer. She offers online fitness training on her website. Karly also owns a fitness studio called Urban Athlete Calgary.

Bianca Taylor - Instagram - Bianca Taylor - Twitter - Bianca Taylor - Facebook - Bianca Taylor - Youtube - Bianca Taylor - Vegan Fitness - Bianca Taylor - Website - Bianca Taylor is a vegan fitness model and a ISSA certified personal trainer. She has a lot of regular updates to her instagram account with pictures of her in various outfits ranging from workout wear, swimwear and active wear. Her youtube is updated around once a month and has a varied number of topics ranging from fitness to mental health. She offers online training and nutrition on her website.

Zuzana Majorova aka Zuzka Light - Instagram - Zuzana Majorova aka Zuzka Light - Twitter - Zuzana Majorova aka Zuzka Light - Facebook - Zuzana Majorova aka Zuzka Light - Tumblr - Zuzana Majorova aka Zuzka Light - Youtube - Zuzana Majorova aka Zuzka Light - Website - Zuzana Majorova is a fitness model, personal trainer and fitness influencer who is also known as Zuzka Light. She offers online training on her website. She has many exercise videos on youtube and is one of the pioneer social media fitness trainers who first started providing workout videos on the internet.

Lauren Drain - Instagram - Lauren Drain - TikTok - Lauren Drain - Twitter - Lauren Drain - Facebook - Lauren Drain - Snapchat - Lauren Drain - Youtube - Lauren Drain Kagan - Website - Lauren Drain Kagan is an author, fitness model, fitness trainer, fitness influencer and entrepreneur. Lauren is quite good at social media and has over 3 million followers on Instagram. Lauren is co-author of the book "Banished: Surviving My Years in the Westboro Baptist Church". It details her life while she was part of the Westboro Baptist Church congregation. Lauren offers fitness training programs and online training to clients on her website.

Jen Esquer - Instagram - Jen Esquer - Twitter - Jen Esquer - Facebook - Jen Esquer - Website Jen Esquer is a physical therapist and fitness influencer. Her social media concentrates on providing a lot of information on some exercises that the viewer can do, to relieve pain in certain problem areas. Some videos that she has will give some exercises that the viewer can do, to overcome for example back pain or shoulder pain.

Tayler Rose - Instagram - Tayler Rose - Twitter - Tayler Rose - Facebook - Tayler Rose - Youtube - Tayler Rose - Website Tayler Rose is a personal trainer and weight lifter based out of Toronto, Canada. Tayler demonstrates how to do various weight lifting exercises, such as the clean and jerk on her social media. She offers online training on her website.

Jen Widerstrom - Instagram - Jen Widerstrom - Twitter - Jen Widerstrom - Facebook - Jen Widerstrom - Youtube - Jen Widerstrom - Widerstrong - Website Jen Widerstrom is a personal trainer with active social media accounts. Jen has a variety of pictures of herself on her instagram but also has a few videos of her doing exercises so you can see the correct way of doing that specific exercise. Jen offers online training offerings on her website.

Chalene Johnson - Instagram - Chalene Johnson - Twitter - Chalene Johnson - Facebook - Chalene Johnson - Pinterest - Chalene Johnson - Youtube - Chalene Johnson - Website Chalene Johnson is an author and personal trainer in California, USA that offers online training packages on her website.

Kayla Itsines - Instagram - Kayla Itsines - Twitter - Kayla Itsines - Facebook - Kayla Itsines - Youtube - Kayla Itsines - Nutrition - Workout Programs - Author - Recipes - Food Blog - Kayla Itsines is a fitness model, trainer, health & fitness influencer with over 13+ million followers on Instagram. She is from Australia and is an author, personal trainer, fitness model, and entrepreneur. She is good at social media and interacts with followers well.

Pamela Reif - Instagram - Pamela Reif - Tiktok - Pamela Reif - Twitter - Pamela Reif - Facebook - Pamela Reif - Youtube - Pamela Reif - Website - Pamela Reif is an exercise instructor and fitness influencer. Pamela is one of the most popular exercise instructors on youtube with many exercise videos that viewers can follow along, like they are in an exercise class. Pamela is also a fitness model and advertises various brands on her social media. Pamela posts in English.

Stephanie Sanzo - Instagram - Stephanie Sanzo - Facebook - Stephanie Sanzo - Youtube - Stephanie Sanzo - Website - Stephanie Sanzo is a fitness trainer who offers online training on her website.

Kim Gompel - Instagram - Kim Van Gompel - Facebook - Kim Van Gompel is a health influencer, mindset and nutrition coach. Kim posts on her instagram in both English and Dutch.

Fernanda D'avila - Instagram - Fernanda D'avila - Twitter - Fernanda D'avila - Facebook - Fernanda D'avila - Instagram - Fernanda D'avila - Youtube - Fernanda D'avila - Instagram - Fernanda D'avila is a health and fitness model influencer. Fernanda has a lot of pictures of herself in all kinds of clothing from formal dresses to bikinis and everything in between. Fernanda has an active social media and posts in Portugese.

Zoe Daly - Instagram - Zoe Daly - Twitter - Zoe Daly - Facebook - Zoe Daly - Website - Zoe Daly is an Australian WBFF pro fitness model, health influencer and contest preparation coach. Zoe offers online training and competition prep on her website.

Emelie Boychuck - Instagram - Emelie Boychuck - Facebook - Emelie Boychuck is a fitness model. Emelie lives the bodybuilding lifestyle as she maintains lean muscularity on her body, year around.

Lara Delatorre - Instagram - Lara Delatorre is a fitness model and influencer in Brazil. She posts a lot of pictures of herself in swimsuits and workout clothes. Her posts are in Portugese.

Torrie Wilson - Instagram - Torrie Wilson - Twitter - Torrie Wilson - Facebook - Torrie Wilson - Youtube - Fittensity - Website - Torrie Wilson is a entertainer, health & fitness influencer, fitness model and online trainer. Torrie is best known for being a former wrestler for the WWE. Torrie lives the bodybuilding lifestyle and stays in great shape throughout the year. Torrie offers online training programs through her company Fittensity (see the link for the website).

Jeanette Jenkins - Instagram - Jeanette Jenkins - Facebook - Jeanette Jenkins - LinkedIn - Jeanette Jenkins - Instagram - Jeanette Jenkins - Youtube - Jeanette Jenkins - The Hollywood Trainer - Website - Jeanette Jenkins is a health & fitness influencer, personal trainer and entrepreneur. Jeanette has her training business through the name "The Hollywood Trainer" which is Jeanette's online training business.

Sarah Moloney - Instagram - Sarah Moloney - Facebook - Sarah Moloney - Youtube - Sarah Moloney is a WBFF Diva Pro. Sarah is also a fitness trainer and offers online training to clients.

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