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Emily Bett Rickards - Instagram - Emily Bett Rickards - Twitter - Emily Bett Rickards - Facebook - Emily Bett Rickards is a popular TV and Movie actress. She stars in a number of TV shows including the Arrow and the Flash in the character of Felicity Smoak.

Ashley Benson - Instagram - Ashley Benson - Twitter - Ashley Benson - Facebook - Ashley Benson - Website - is a popular actress with active social media accounts. She is best known for her main role in Pretty Little Liars. She also acts in movies.

Alexandra Daddario - Instagram - Alexandra Daddario - Twitter - Alexandra Daddario - Facebook - Alexandra Daddario is a TV and movie actress best known for her role in Baywatch and San Andreas

Emma Roberts - Instagram - Emma Roberts - Twitter - Emma Roberts - Facebook - Emma Roberts - Website - Emma Roberts has been a popular actress in movies over the last 8 years. She also has starred in TV shows and is a singer as well.

Hannah Simone - Instagram - Hannah Simone - Twitter - Hannah Simone - Facebook - Hannah Simone is an actress, model and hostess. She has acted in both movies and TV. She is best known for her role on the TV Show New Girl.

Nina Dobrev - Instagram - Nina Dobrev - Twitter - Nina Dobrev - Facebook - Nina Dobrev is a popular actress best known for her role on the tv show the vampire diaries.

Olivia Colman - Instagram - Olivia Colman - Twitter - Olivia Colman won an Academy Award in 2019 for actress in a leading role for the movie "The Favourite". Olivia has been acting in TV shows and movies constantly since 2000.

Ryan Whitney Newman - Instagram - Ryan Whitney Newman - Twitter - Ryan Whitney Newman - Facebook - Ryan Whitney Newman - Google+ - Ryan Whitney Newman is an actress best known for being in the following TV shows: Zeke and Luthor, The Thundermans.

Marina De Tavira - Instagram - Marina De Tavira - Twitter - Marina De Tavira - Facebook - Marina De Tavira - Website - Marina De Tavira is a Mexican actress that has been acting since 1998 in movies and TV shows.

Bailee Madison - Instagram - Bailee Madison - Twitter - Bailee Madison - Facebook - Bailee Madison is an actress that is best known for being in the TV series Trophy Wife and The Fosters. She is young but has a lot of acting credits due to being a child actor.

Ashley Tisdale - Instagram - Ashley Tisdale - Twitter - Ashley Tisdale - Facebook - Ashley Tisdale - Pinterest - Ashley Tisdale - Youtube - Ashley Tisdale - illuminate Cosmetics - Website - Ashley Michelle Tisdale is a multi-talented actress, singer and producer. Ashley started as a child actor and became popular in the Disney channel series "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody". She has had a few pop music albums she has released as a singer. Ashley is also a entrepreneur with her own cosmetics line called "illuminate Cosmetics"

Vanessa Hudgens - Instagram - Vanessa Hudgens - Twitter - Vanessa Hudgens - Facebook - Vanessa Hudgens - Tumblr - Vanessa Hudgens - Youtube - Vanessa Anne Hudgens is an actress and singer. Vanessa had a breakthrough role on "High School Musical" in 2005 with the Disney Channel. Vanessa has worked consistently as an actress since 2003. She is one of the most popular people in the world on instagram with over 33+ million followers. Her instagram has plenty of regular updates and is full of pictures of herself and her friends. Vanessa has an active wear line called "Vanessa Hudgens Collection" that she has done with sports wear company Avia.

Larsa Pippen - Instagram - Larsa Pippen - Twitter - Larsa Pippen - Facebook - Larsa Pippen is an entrepreneur and TV personality. She has appeared on the television shows "The real housewives of Miami" and "Keeping up with the Kardasians".

Charlize Theron - Instagram - Charlize Theron - Twitter - Charlize Theron - Facebook - Charlize Theron - Africa Outreach Website - Charitable Organization - Charlize Theron is a successful actress with a long list of successful movies. She has won multiple best actress academy awards. She has a charitable organization that concentrates on empowering African youth to live their lives HIV free.

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