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Jordan Barrett - Instagram - Jordan Barrett - Twitter - Jordan Kale Barrett is a Australian model. He was named model of the year by He has appeared in campaigns for Versace, Tom Ford and Coach.

Lucky Blue Smith - Instagram - Lucky Blue Smith - Twitter - Lucky Blue Smith - Facebook - Lucky Blue Smith is an American model, actor and musician. He has walked the runways for all the big fashion houses including Fendi, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Michael Kors. He has a big following on social media with over 2 million followers on Instagram.

Presley Gerber - Instagram - Presley Gerber - Twitter - Presley Gerber - Facebook - Presley Gerber is an American model that is best known for being the son of famous model Cindy Crawford. He has done fashion shows and walked the runways for Tommy Hilfiger, Armani and Burberry.

Julian Schneyder - Instagram - Julian Schneyder - Facebook - Julian Schneyder is an Austrian model. He has done fashion shows for Georgio Armani, Philipp Plein and Daks among others.

Simon Nessman - Instagram - Simon Nessman - Twitter - Simon Nessman - Facebook - Simon Nessman is a Canadian model who has modelled for Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent and Givenchy.

Mitchell Slaggert - Instagram - Mitchell Slaggert is an American actor and model. He has worked as a model for Calvin Klein, Versace and David Yurman. He has worked as an actor in a few independant movies.

Mathew Noszka - Instagram - Mathew Noszka - Twitter - Mathew Noszka - Facebook - Mathew Noszka is an American fashion model.

Johannes Huebl - Instagram - Johannes Huebl - Twitter - Johannes Huebl - Facebook - Johannes Huebl is a German fashion model.

Ton Heukels - Instagram - Ton Heukels - Twitter - Ton Heukels - Facebook - Ton Heukels is a Dutch fashion model. He has worked for Philipp Plein, Giorgio Armani, Fila and many others.

Jacob Hankin - Instagram - Jacob Hankin is an Australian fashion model.

Evandro Soldati - Instagram - Evandro Soldati - Facebook - Evandro Soldati is a Brazilian fashion model.

Roberto Sipos - Instagram - Roberto Sipos - Twitter - Roberto Sipos - Facebook - Roberto Sipos is a Romanian model. He has done fashion shows for Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Issey Miyake and Perry Ellis. He has done advertising campaigns for Lacoste, Armani Exchange and Calvin Klein.

Mitchell Wick - Instagram - Mitchell Wick - Twitter - Mitchell Wick - Facebook - Mitchell Wick is an Australian fashion model who is based in Sydney, Australia.

Andre Hamann - Instagram - Andre Hamann - Twitter - Andre Hamann - Facebook - Andre Hamann - Haze and Glory - Website - Andre Hamann is a German fashion model. He is also a part owner of Haze and Glory which is a jewelry and fashion clothing company.

Rafael Miller - Instagram - Rafael Miller - Twitter - Rafael Miller - Facebook - Rafael Miller - Youtube - Rafael Miller is a French fashion model.

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