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Chris Bumstead - Instagram - Chris Bumstead - Youtube - Chris Bumstead - Facebook - Chris Bumstead - Training, Contest Prep, Coaching Website - Chris Bumstead is a top IFBB classic physique competitor who has lots of pictures and training fitness videos on his social media accounts. Chris won the Mr. Olympia in Classic Physique in 2019, 2020 and 2021 so he is one of the top competitors. Chris is personable and is really knows how to be successful at social media. He posts a lot of fun and interesting pictures and videos and does it regularly. Chris is one of the most successful bodybuilders on social media because he is personnable and interacts with his followers on a regular basis. Chris is one of the most popular IFBB bodybuilders on social media with over 4.7 million followers on Instagram. Chris has training programs in the form of eBooks, customized coaching plans and apparel on his website. Chris has his own supplement line called RAW. Chris has lots of interesting videos on youtube channel about his weight training, nutrition and his activities outside of bodybuilding.

Fouad "Hoss" Abiad - Instagram - Fouad "Hoss" Abiad - Twitter - Fouad "Hoss" Abiad - Facebook - Fouad "Hoss" Abiad - Youtube - Fouad "Hoss" Abiad - Website - Fouad "Hoss" Abiad - Hosstile Brand Wear - Website - Fouad "Hoss" Abiad is a bodybuilding influencer, fitness trainer and entrepreneur. Fouad has retired from competition as an IFBB Bodybuilding competitor. He is good at social media and interacts regularly with people followers on his social media accounts. He has a lot of pictures and videos of him doing bodybuilding training and posing on instagram. He explains the exercises and the correct form to do these exercises and the bodypart being developed. Fouad provides online and personal fitness training and nutritional programs on his website. Fouad has his own fitness brand called Hosstile, which is a play on his nickname "Hoss". Hosstile has nutritional supplements, branded clothing and gym accessories. Fouad's training philosophy is to use heavy weights in his weight training to increase his size and shape. Fouad has an interesting youtube channel where he has a podcast called "Real Bodybuilding Podcast" or RBP for short where he talks to current and retired bodybuilders about many different health and bodybuilding topics. It is a casual discussion as Fouad is a friend with many of these bodybuilders and it gives people a sense of the different bodybuilder's personalities. It is quite unique in the bodybuilding world to have an informal chat and is a hit with bodybuilding fans so they can get to know bodybuilders better.

Mike O'Hearn - Instagram - Mike O'Hearn - personal training website - Mike O'Hearn - facebook - Mike O'Hearn - youtube - Mike O'Hearn is a bodybuilding influencer, actor, fitness model and fitness trainer. He is one of the biggest stars and an icon in the fitness and bodybuilding industry. Mike has been training for a long time and his training philosophy is to use heavy weights to build muscle. He has a fun personality and is very personable. His social media is updated regularly and he puts in weight lifting tips to keep injury free. He also has lots of pictures and videos of him training and doing bodybuilding poses. Mike is based out of Los Angeles, California.

Iain Valliere - Instagram - Iain Valliere - Twitter - Iain Valliere - Facebook - Iain Valliere - LinkedIn - Iain Valliere is a bodybuilding influencer and top IFBB pro bodybuilder who competes in the open bodybuilding category. He won the Bigman IFBB Bodybuilding Open competition in Spain in 2018. Iain placed 2nd at the Arnold Classic USA 2021 in the open bodybuilding category. The Arnold Classic USA is considered one of the top bodybuilding competitions in the world along with the Mr. Olympia competitions. Iain offers online fitness training and nutrition advice on his websites so this is a good opportunity for people to get training and nutrition advice from one of the top bodybuilders in the world. He is quite personable and is active on social media and interacts with followers on Instagram. Iain's training philosophy is to use heavy weights in his weight training to increase his size and shape. His social media has a lot of pictures of himself posing and training in the gym.

Dexter Jackson - Instagram - Dexter Jackson - Shows, videos, photos, apparel website - Dexter Jackson is a IFBB champion bodybuilder who has won the biggest contests and is one of the greatest bodybuilders of this generation. Dexter has won the two big titles in bodybuilding the Arnold Classic nine times and the Olympia once in open bodybuilding. Dexter has a lot of regular updates of pictures and videos of himself training on his instagram. Dexter is known for his size and symmetry.

Phil Heath - Instagram - Phil Heath - Twitter - Phil Heath - Gifted Athletics - clothes, apparel - Phil Heath Labs - Website - Phil Heath is a champion IFBB bodybuilder, bodybuilding influencer and entrepreneur. Phil has won the biggest competitions in the bodybuilding world including the Mr. Olympia from 2011 to 2017 in open bodybuilding and is one of the best bodybuilders of his generation. Phil is based out of Denver, Colorado. He has a product line called Gifted Athletics where he sells apparel. Phil has his own supplement company called Phil Heath Labs that is available on his website.

George Peterson - Instagram - George Peterson - Facebook - George Peterson is a IFBB Classic Physique pro. He is one of the top classic physique pros in the world as he has won the prestigious Arnold Classic Physique 2019 title.

Nimai Delgado - Instagram - Nimai Delgado - Twitter - Nimai Delgado - Facebook - Nimai Delgado - Youtube - Nimai Delgado - Vegan Fitness - Website - Nimai Delgado is a IFBB Physique pro. He is a vegan bodybuilder who has been able to achieve his physique without eating meat. It is a rarity to see vegan bodybuilders because a lot of the protein needed to build muscles is in meat. Nimai is a mechanical engineer, trainer and motivational speaker. Nimai offers training and nutritional programs on the Vegan Fitness website.

Marvin Cornejo - Instagram - Marvin Cornejo - Facebook - Marvin Cornejo is a IFBB Physique pro. Marvin finished 2nd in Classic Physique at the IFBB Pittsburgh Pro in 2019. Marvin also has an online training business and is a relationship consultant.

Steve Cook - Instagram - Steve Cook - Youtube - Steve Cook - facebook Steve Cook - Training, Apparel and Nutrition Website Steve Cook is a IFBB physique competitor, a fitness model and bodybuilding influencer. Steve has lots of updates on his various social media websites. He has retired from competing but is one of the most popular bodybuilders on social media because he is personable and has an active social media presence with lots of updates of him weight training and doing various activities outside of the gym. Steve has online training and his own branded apparel available on his website.

Hadi Choopan - Instagram - Hadi Choopan - Youtube - Hadi Choopan is a IFBB pro bodybuilder. Hadi is from Iran and posts in both English and Farsi. Hadi's nickname is the "Persian Wolf". Hadi is one of the more popular bodybuilders on social media with a fan base from around the world.

George Peterson - Instagram - George Peterson - Twitter - George Peterson - Facebook - George Peterson is an IFBB Classic Physique Pro. George is one of the top bodybuilders in Classic Physique Pro and has won the prestigious Arnold classic physique title in 2019. George won his IFBB pro card by winning his class in the 2016 NPC national championship in classic physique. George has plenty of updates to his social media accounts with plenty of pictures of himself on his instagram account.

Ben Chow - Instagram - Ben Chow - Twitter - Ben Chow is an NPC bodybuilder who is also a trainer, online coach and fitness influencer. Ben has a bachelor of science degree in Human Biosciences. Ben is really active on instagram with a lot of posts of himself workout in the gym and also of him posing and photos of friends and family.

Raymont Edmonds - Instagram - Raymont Edmonds - Facebook - Raymont Edmonds is an IFBB Physique pro. Raymont won the physique competition at the Pittsburgh Pro in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

John Jewett - Instagram - John Jewett - Facebook - John Jewett - Youtube - John Jewett - Website - John Jewett is an IFBB pro in bodybuilding. He won the IFBB Tampa Pro in the 212 (weight class) bodybuilding in 2019. John is a registered dietician in addition to being a bodybuilder. He has an online training business focused on competitive bodybuilding athletes. John has a lot of training videos on his youtube channel and a lot of progress pictures on his instagram account.

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