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Alexey Forak - Instagram - Alexey Forak - Twitter - Alexey Forak - Facebook - Alexey Forak - Youtube - Alexey Forak - Forakfysique - Website - Alexey Forak is a personal trainer and fitness influencer based in Washington, DC. He has interesting training pictures and videos on his social media accounts. He explains the exercises and demonstrates the exercises and the body part being worked. He offers both online and personal training and nutrition plans on his website. His pictures and videos clearly demonstrate how knowledgable he is in weight training.

Mike O'Hearn - Instagram - Mike O'Hearn - personal training website - Mike O'Hearn - facebook - Mike O'Hearn - youtube - Mike O'Hearn is a bodybuilder, actor, model, personal trainer and fitness influencer. Mike is one of the biggest stars in the health and fitness industry. Mike has previously appeared in movies and the tv show American Gladiators. He has a fun personality and is very personable and outgoing. Mike is very strong and trains with heavy weights in his training.

Rob Riches - Instagram - Rob Riches - Twitter - Rob Riches - Facebook - Rob Riches - Youtube - Rob Riches - Nutrition - Workout Programs - Author - is a fitness model, personal trainer and author. He has written a book on nutrition. He has a training app called fitplan available on iPhone and Android. He has a lot of good instructional training videos on his youtube channel.

Marc Fitt - Instagram - Marc Fitt - Twitter - Marc Fitt - Facebook - Marc Fitt - Youtube - Marc Fitt - Training Programs - Nutrition Programs - Marc Fitt is a successful fitness model and fitness influencer. He offers training and nutritional programs. He has been quite successful in parlaying his internet fame into commercials, sponsorships and endorsements.

Simeon Panda - Instagram - Simeon Panda - Twitter - Simeon Panda - Facebook - Simeon Panda - Youtube - Simeon Panda - Just Lift Clothing Line, Online Training, Nutrition - Simeon Panda is one of the most popular Male fitness models in the world. He has over 7 million followers on Instagram. He has lots of interesting and informative videos on his youtube channel. He has his own clothing line Just Lift which he sells on his website.

Brock O'Hurn - Instagram - Brock O'Hurn - Twitter - Brock O'Hurn - Facebook - Brock O'Hurn is a model an actor and bodybuilder. He has lots of pictures of himself doing daily activities on his instagram account.

Pietro Boselli - Instagram - Pietro Boselli - Twitter - Pietro Boselli - Facebook - Pietro Boselli - LinkedIn - Pietro Boselli - Youtube - Pietro Boselli - Website - Pietro Boselli is an Italian fashion model and University Lecturer in Mathematics (he has a PHD in Mechanical Engineering). He is based in London, England.

Darian Alvarez - Instagram - Darian Alvarez - Twitter - Darian Alvarez - Facebook - Darian Alvarez is a Cuban fitness model.

Jean Jacques Barrett - Instagram - Jean Jacques Barrett - Facebook - Jean Jacques Barrett - Youtube - Jean Jacques Barrett - Tulum Strength Club - Website - Jean Jacques Barrett is a WBFF pro fitness model and personal trainer. He has a training business in Tulum, Mexico. He has a lot of training videos on his youtube channel.

Brad Castleberry - Instagram - Brad Castleberry - Twitter - Brad Castleberry - Facebook - Brad Castleberry - Youtube - Brad Castleberry - Website - Brad Castleberry is a fitness model and personal trainer. He offers online training and nutritional programs on his website.


Tony Horton - Instagram - Tony Horton - Twitter - Tony Horton - Facebook - Tony Horton - Youtube - Tony Horton - Website - Tony Horton is an author and personal trainer that has online training programs on his website.

James Ellis - Instagram - James Ellis - Twitter - James Ellis - Facebook - James Ellis - Youtube - James Ellis - Website - James Ellis is a fitness model, personal trainer and fitness influencer. James has created some training eBooks on his website for purchase.

Wole Adesemoye - Instagram - - Wole Adesemoye - Facebook - Wole Adesemoye - Youtube - Wole Adesemoye - Website - Wole Adesemoye is a fitness model and personal trainer based in London, UK.

Lazar Angelov - Instagram - Lazar Angelov - Twitter - Lazar Angelov - Facebook - Lazar Angelov - Diet - Lazar Angelov - Merchandise - Online Personal Training - Lazar Angelov is a popular fitness model, fitness influencer and entrepreneur. He has over 5 million followers on Instagram. He has nutrition programs, clothing and online personal training. He is a good example of how to use social media to become successful.

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