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Justin Turner - Instagram - Justin Turner - Twitter - Justin Turner - Facebook - Justin Turner Foundation - Website - Justin Turner is a 3rd baseman, 2nd baseman and shortstop. Justin played for Cal State Fullerton before being drafted in the 7th round of the 2006 MLB draft. Justin made his major league debut on September 8, 2009 at the age of 24. Justin had an good 2018 season where he batted .312. Justin's nickname is "RedTurn2".

JD Martinez - Instagram - JD Martinez - Twitter - JD Martinez - Facebook - Julio Daniel Martinez is an outfielder/designated hitter. He played for Nova Southeastern University before being drafted in the 20th round in the 2009 MLB draft. He made his major league debut on July 30, 2011 at the age of 23. He is one of the best hitters in baseball. J.D. had an excellent season in 2018 where he had a .330 batting average, 43 home runs, and 140 RBIs. J.D. finished fourth in MVP voting for the American League in 2018. J.D's nickname is "Flaco"

Jose Ramirez - Instagram - Jose Ramirez - Twitter - Jose Ramirez - Website - Jose Enrique Ramirez is a switch hitter, second baseman, shortstop and third baseman. He is a power hitter who had great seasons in 2017 and 2018 with 29 and 39 home runs respectively. He is sells salsa and t-shirts on his website.

Aaron Nola - Instagram - Aaron Nola - Twitter - Aaron Nola - Facebook - Aaron Michael Nola is a pitcher. Aaron throws right and bats right. Aaron played his college baseball at Louisiana State University. He was drafted in the 1st round (7th overall) in the 2014 MLB draft. Aaron's nickname is "Nols"

Felix Hernandez - Instagram - Felix Hernandez - Twitter - Felix Hernandez - Instagram - Felix Abraham Graham Hernandez Garcia is a pitcher from Venezuela who plays for the Seattle Mariners. Felix was the number one pitching prospect in 2005. Felix made his major league debut on August 4, 2005 at the age of 19. Felix has had a stellar career with the Seattle Mariners. He has been named to the all star game six times. He won the AL Cy Young award in 2010 and has won the AL ERA leader twice in 2010 and 2014. Felix's nickname is: "King Felix"

Luke Voit - Instagram - Luke Voit - Twitter - Luke Voit - Facebook - Luke Voit - Website - Louis Linwood Voit goes by "Luke" is a right handed batter and right handed thrower first baseman with the New York Yankees. Luke is a power hitter who also can hit for a high average as demonstrated in 2018 when he played for the St. Louis Cardinals and New York Yankees and had a .322 batting average. Luke's nickname is "Louis" which is his actual first name. Luke has merchandise for sale on his website.

Pete Alonso - Instagram - Pete Alonso - Twitter - Pete Alonso - Facebook - Pete Alonso is a first baseman with the New York Mets. Pete bats right and throws right. He played for the University of Florida in college before being drafted by the New York Mets in the 2nd round of the 2016 MLB draft. He is a rookie in 2019 and has had a breakout seasons showing a lot of power, a good batting average and a good run producer as well as having a high on base percentage. Pete's nickname is the "Polar Bear"

Franmil Reyes - Instagram - Franmil Reyes - Twitter - Franmil Reyes - Facebook - Franmil Federico Reyes is a rightfielder from the Dominican Republic. Franmil throws right and bats right. Franmil has a lot of power and had a breakout season in 2019. Franmil's nickname is "La Mole"

Nelson Cruz - Instagram - Nelson Cruz - Twitter - Nelson Cruz - Facebook - Nelson Cruz - Boomstick23 - Website - Nelson Ramon Cruz is a rightfielder and designated hitter. Nelson made his major league debut on September 17, 2005 at the age of 25. Nelson has had a long successful career in the major leagues. He is known for his homerun power and is having a great season in 2019 with average, Homeruns and RBIs consistent with his career averages. Nelson has a foundation to help education and sport in his home country of the Dominican Republic. Nelson's nickname is: "Boomstick".

Wilson Ramos - Instagram - Wilson Ramos - Twitter - Wilson Abraham Ramos Campos is a Venezuelan catcher. Wilson made his major league debut on May 2, 2010 at the age of 22. Wilson is a 2X all star in 2016, 2018. He also won the Silver Slugger Award in 2016. Wilson's nickname is "The Buffalo"

Jose Bautista - Instagram - Jose Bautista - Twitter - Jose Bautista - Facebook - Jose Antonio Bautista Santos is originally from the Dominican Republic and is a retired professional baseball player. Jose played third baseman and outfielder. Jose had a long successful career from 2004 to 2018. Jose was selected in the 20th round of the 2000 MLB draft by the Pittsburgh Pirates. Jose played for the Baltimore Orioles (2004), Tampa Bay Rays (2004), Kansas City Royals (2004), Pittsburgh Pirates (2004-2008), Toronto Blue Jays (2008-2017), Atlanta Braves (2018), New York Mets (2018) and Philadelphia Phillies (2018). Jose's time with the Toronto Blue Jays were the best of his career in that he became one of the most feared hitters in baseball for his power and he was also very good defensively. Jose was a 6X all star (2010-2015), 3X Silver Slugger Award (2010, 2011, 2014), 2X Hank Aaron Award Winner (2010, 2011). Jose won a bronze medal in baseball at the Olympic games in 2021 while representing the Dominican Republic. Jose's nickname is "Joey Bats"

Starling Marte - Instagram - Starling Marte - Twitter - Starling Marte - Facebook - Starling Javier Marte is a Dominican outfielder. Starling made his MLB debut on July 26, 2012 at the age of 23. He has a career WAR (wins above replacement) of 26.8 which is quite good. He is known as a good offensive player with above average batting averages over many years. Starling's nickname is "Tato".

Ronald Acuna - Instagram - Ronald Acuna - Twitter - Ronald Acuna - Facebook - Ronald Jose Acuna Blanco Jr. is a left fielder. He bats right and throws right and is a former number one prospect in baseball. He made his major league debut on April 25, 2018 at the age of 20. He has started his career off very well as was predicted by the scouts. He had a fantastic rookie season in which he had 433 at bats and 26 home runs, 64 RBIs, a .293 batting average and a .366 on base percentage. He does everything well and was signed by Atlanta to a 8 year/100 million dollar contract that lasts from 2019 to 2026. Ronald's nickname is: "El Abusador"

Eric Hosmer - Instagram - Eric Hosmer - Twitter - Eric Hosmer - Facebook - Eric Hosmer is a First baseman. Eric bats left and throws left. Eric was drafted in the 1st round (3rd overall) in the 2008 MLB draft by the Kansas City Royals. Eric made his major league debut on May 6, 2011 at the age of 21. Eric has good power with and has been a good RBI player as well. Eric's nicknames are: "Hoz" and "Papo"

Edwin Diaz - Instagram - Edwin Diaz - Twitter - Edwin Diaz - Facebook - Edwin Orlando Diaz Laboy is a pitcher from Puerto Rico. Edwin was drafted in the 3rd round (98th overall) in the 2012 MLB draft by the Seattle Mariners. Edwin was an all-star in 2018 and also the AL saves leader in 2018. Edwin is known for being a hard thrower with a 97 mph four seam fastball. He is also able to spin the ball above the major league average on his pitches. Edwin's nickname is "Sugar"

Josh Bell - Instagram - Josh Bell - Twitter - Joshua Evan Jose Bell is a first baseman and rightfielder. Josh was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2011 MLB draft. Josh made his MLB debut at the age of 23. Josh is known for being a power hitter with a good batting average as well. Josh's nickname is "JB".

Pablo Sandoval - Instagram - Pablo Sandoval - Twitter - Pablo Sandoval - Facebook - Pablo Emilio Juan Pedro Sandoval Jr. is a Venezuelan pro baseball player who plays third base. Pablo made his major league debut on August 14, 2008 at the age of 22. Pablo's nicknames are: "Kung Fu Panda", "Round Mound of Pound" and "Little Money".

Robinson Cano - Instagram - Robinson Cano - Twitter - Robinson Cano - Facebook - Robinson Cano - Website - Robinson Jose Cano Mercedes is a second baseman originally from the Dominican Republic who plays for the New York Mets. Robinson made his major league debut on May 3, 2005 at the age of 22. Robinson bats left and throws right. Robinson has had a terrific career and is a career .300 hitter which is exceptional in todays game. Robinson's nicknames are: "Robbie" and "Don't You Know".

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